Healthy Italian Snacks

RALLINI Healthy Italian Snacks

Healthy Italian Snack

Healthy Italian Snacks Rallini™ are versatile bite-size pretzels which can be served with any meal.
They are bread based snacks baked with Extra Virgin Olive, White Wine and the finest quality ingredients America can offer.

Great All Natural Snack

Rallini are G.M.O. free with all natural products and they do not contain artificial colors of preservatives. A good and healthy alternative to junk food that even kids will enjoy.

The Italian Pretzels are sold in many varieties and baked daily in NY by Rallini LLC.

Some of the most popular Rallini flavours include:
Anise Seed, Black Olive, Black Pepper, Chive Onion, Black Pepper and Fennel Seed, Garlic, Fennel Seed, Icing, Lemon Sugar, Original, Red Pepper, Rosemary, Pizza, Sesame Seed, Walnut, Whole Wheat, and Sundried Tomatoes.

Some other common names for Rallini™ are: Tarallini, Taralli, Italian crostini, Italian crackers, Italian pretzels, Italian wine biscuits, Italian golden rings, Gourmet Breadsticks and Friselle.

Healthy Italian Snacks

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